Compaero connector and backshell accessories

Connector Accessories

Connector Accessories are complimentary products for connectors. Examples are Shorting Caps, Dummy Stowage Receptacles & Connector Extenders. Compaero offers a wide range of standard and custom Connector Accessories.

Series 34 o-ring sealed shorting cap

Series 34 Shorting Caps are for use at the rear of shorting plugs, special test connectors, fiber optic loopbacks and other applications. A variety of lanyard options are available.

Compare to Glenair Series 340-001 and 340-002

Series 38 extender backshell

Extender Backshells provide extra room behind a connector and in front of a strain relief to allow for service loops, resistors, re-termination or other needs. The accessory threads and teeth of the connector are replicated on the back end of the Extender Backshell.

Compaero to Glenair Series 320-001 and 320-002.

Series 53 dummy stowage receptacle